Field Driven Lean provides Lean Construction training and coaching for AEC/O companies. Let Field Driven Lean assist you on your Lean journey through our core principals of Respect for People, Reduction of Waste, Reliable Commitments, Enhanced Collaboration and Communication, and Action-Based Learning.

The 5 Principals of Field Driven Lean

Field Driven Lean is a Lean Consulting firm serving the Construction Industry. We seek to provide our business partners and their teams with the tools to achieve better outcomes through Lean Adoption and Integration and the following principals:

Respect for People

Respect For People is the foundation of Lean thinking and the basis for all Lean tools. Respect For People means that everyone has a voice and is heard. It means that we all hold ourselves and each other accountable so that the whole team is successful.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication are an outcome of Lean Training and Coaching. Most Construction project failures are a result of lack of collaboration and clear communication. With better communication and collaboration our project teams will be better and our projects will be better as well.

Reduction of Waste

Studies have shown that up to 57% of workers time, the materials and  resources on Construction projects will be wasted.  Reducing waste will impact the bottom line immediately. Reducing waste means enhanced Safety, less rework, smaller punch lists and less costs for all parties involved in the project.

Reliable Commitments

Studies have shown that up to 30% of Construction projects don't finish on time. Scheduling and planning are largely reactive on many projects. The Last Planner System (LPS) is a great way to alleviate these issues.  Reliable Commitments are the cornerstones of Pull Planning and LPS.

Action Based Learning

People learn better when there is action included with learning rather than just sitting through lectures. Rather than FDL telling you about Lean, we want to experience it with you, to go along on our Lean Journey together. Action Based Learning means we get to learn together.

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